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TPSC - Transportation Products Sales Company serves rail and rail transit customers across North America, providing proven solutions for PTC, locomotives, signals and telecommunications. The products represented by TPSC are manufactured by partner companies to meet the essential standards and rugged requirements of the railroad industry. The represented services include the planning and integration of products for remote and back-up power, PTC, communications, wireless and video data, monitoring, surveillance, telecom, and environmental compliance analysis.

Founded in 1986, TPSC has offices in 11 locations, including their headquarters near St. Louis, Missouri.

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Locomotive and On-Board

  • Starting Batteries and Chargers
  • PTC Radios, Power Supplies, Antennas
  • On-Board PA, WiFi, Telecom Systems
  • High Speed Cameras and Video Systems
  • LED Lighting
  • Data/Signal Filtering and Surge Protection
  • Single Point Watering Systems
  • Relay Test Equipment
  • Detectors for Hot Bearings, Truck Hunting, etc.
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Signal and Crossing Solutions

  • Batteries and Back-Up Power Options
  • High Efficiency Charging Solutions
  • AC-DC Inverters and DC-DC Converters
  • Lighting for Signals, Gate Arms, Indicators
  • PTC Antennas
  • Surge and Lightning Protection
  • Radar Detection for Blocked Crossings
  • Equipment Enclosures and Cases
  • Case Replacement Services
  • Waterproof Entry Systems for Cases
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Telecom / Communications

  • Telecommunication Components
  • Power Supplies and Rectifiers
  • Engineered Solar and Wind Systems
  • Batteries and Backup Power Solutions
  • Wireless Systems and Radios
  • RF/Coaxial and Data/Signal Surge Protection
  • Engineering Support
  • Towers and Platforms
  • Telecom Cases and Case Replacement Solutions
  • Connectors and I/O Systems
  • LED Tower Lighting and Vigilant Systems
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Wayside and Trackside

  • PTC Wayside Equipment
  • Equipment Enclosures and Cases
  • PTC Towers and Tower Lighting
  • Testing Equipment for Track Signals, Relays, etc
  • Cable Locating Equipment and Training
  • Environmental and Compliance Analysis and Reporting
  • Platforms for Uneven and Flood-prone Terrains
  • Snow Protection for Switch Points
  • Cameras, Video and Wireless Systems for Intermodal,
        Yard, Vital Equipment and Secure Areas
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Power Solutions and Products

  • Batteries, Power Supplies, Rectifiers
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Engineered Solar and Wind Systems
  • Propane DC Generators
  • Lighting for Power Indicators, Bungalows and Switch Points
  • Data/Signal Filtering and Surge Protection
  • Towers and Platforms for All Ground Conditions and Terrains
  • Equipment Cases
  • Streamlined Methods for Replacing/Upgrading Existing Cases
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Special Services and Training

  • System Integration, Assemblies, and Kitting
  • Engineering Support – Signal, Communication, Telecom
  • Environmental and Compliance Analysis and Reporting
  • Design Planning for In-Shop Charging Solutions
  • Training for Battery Maintenance (Locomotive or Signal)
  • Training on Surge and Lightning Protection
  • Training for Effective Use of Locating Equipment Along Track,    Wayside and Yards